måndag 31 augusti 2009

Förstora din manlighet

Jag har suttit och tittat igenom min spambox för att se om det var något mail som hade hamnat fel. Min mail är kopplat på ett sådant vis att all slaskmail som går till min jobbdomän hamnar i min inbox, vilket resulterar i att det dimper ner väldigt mycket spam i spamboxen.

Många av dessa spam är på temat penisförstoring och det är facinerande vad mycket information de förmedlar, vad tycker ni till exempel om följande sanningar:
  • Enlarging your male tool will be the best revenge for your ex
  • You can trick nature and make a monster out of your timid animal
  • Women love making love with monsters even when it hurts
  • Women don't care about your money as long as your trunk is long and hard
  • Every extra inch gives her extra chance for reaching final destination.
  • A bigger stick would put a bigger smile on your lover's face.
  • If you have a huge stick, women will never tell you to get out of bed.
  • She is bound to lose her mind over your great size.
Förrutom detta finns också lite längre argument.

Oralsex är bara en ursäkt för att för att du har en liten penis:
"A lot of men resort to going down on women as that is the only way of satisfaction they could offer to desperate lovers. Thanks to new technologies every man has a chance now to please his lady with his enlarged stick."
Den här tycker jag är ganska skön:
"Every extra inch of meat in your pants equals every extra positive feature of your character. Oh wait, who cares about your personality if you have a large device between your legs."
Några är på temat skam:
"You are ashamed to take shower in public pools and gyms because of your tiny pecker? Now you can leave all your inhibitions behind as we know how to help you enlarge your instrument."
"Since your early childhood you were embarrassed of the size of your little friend? Now you can overcome your fear by enlarging it to the needed extend and get the desired confidence."
På temat självförtroende:
"Do you want to know the secret of picking up women? It’s as simple as having a big instrument hanging between your legs. So if you are ready for great popularity, enhance your size today."
"Did you notice that arrogant look on some men’s faces but couldn’t understand where it was coming from? Well, we will open you the secret – that is the big monster in his pants and you can have one like that very easily"
På temat "vad kvinnor vill ha":
"Don’t know how to amaze your new girlfriend? How about enlarging your little friend and giving her the night of love and pleasure she won’t be able to forget?"
"Ladies don’t usually care about man’s big heart or wallet as much as they care for a big penis. As money can be spent in no time but memories of great night would be left in their mind forever. So come on and enlarge your love machine!"
"Women love looking at a big penis, holding it, kissing and caressing it but moreover they adore riding it. So if you want to bring pleasure to women, try our enlargement program today.
Tänk vad mycket man kan lära sig av att titta igenom sin spambox. Vad har du lärt dig idag?