måndag 6 december 2010

[TMYK] Small Penis Rule

Jag läser på Wikipedia om hur man kan använda Small penis rule för att komma undan förtal:
"...For a fictional portrait to be actionable, it must be so accurate that a reader of the book would have no problem linking the two," said Mr. Friedman. Thus, he continued, libel lawyers have what is known as "the small penis rule." One way authors can protect themselves from libel suits is to say that a character has a small penis, Mr. Friedman said. "Now no male is going to come forward and say, 'That character with a very small penis, 'That's me!' "
Jag tycker att det är hur dumt som helst. En karaktär måste ju vara mer än bara en kukstorlek, fast Small penis rule har tydligen åberopats i en rättegång 2006, så vad vet jag?